Arm Yourself With Facts Before You Cast Your Vote



Some believe that obesity is the most serious threat the U.S.A. is facing. I believe however, that our incomprehensible national debt will be our undoing. (Forbes 3.27.11)

Economists are predicting that in less than two years our country will be broke. If you are, as I am, receiving monthly government assistance (Social Security, food stamps, SSI, Medicare-Medicaid) we won’t be getting those much-needed checks. (Forbes 4.23.11)

The simple fact exists that the U.S. has massive debt and declining infusion of tax money due to unemployment and the closing of businesses. (Huffington Post 7.6.12)

There is no way for our government to endlessly continue payments to 46.5 million people on food stamps; 8.3 million (2011) on Social Security Disability; and the 17.8 percent (2011) that receive monthly Social Security payments.

The only way we can even start digging out of this financial hole is jobs, cutting regulations to support business, start drilling here to relieve the high cost of energy (but not abandoning alternate forms of energy) and gaining stability so our businesses can feel confident and plan the future of their companies.

We all have our personal reasons when picking our elected officials. Some feel that a woman’s choice or the personality of one running for office is most important. I believe that this election nothing is more important than our country’s future.

Our country is in peril. Our responsibility is to dissect what each candidate has to offer and has accomplished. Armed with facts, we can cast our vote knowing we are supporting the recovery of our nation while saving our way of life.

Judy Oconnell


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