Pull Together For Our Country



In response to Mr. Paulk’s letter “Why are some contractors against Obama,” I want to clarify that I am not a contractor, but I am a citizen concerned with our country’s economy. If it wasn’t for the fact that there is a $16 trillion deficit, borrowing money from China could provide the funds to work on the infrastructure that Mr. Paulk outlines, but unfortunately, the reality is that there is no money!

The other argument I make is that we’ve already been down the road of “stimulating” the economy for shovel-ready projects. President Obama realized the projects weren’t quite shovel-ready “chuckle, chuckle.” And, as I see it these funds didn’t seem to filter down to the smaller contractors and therefore, did not help the local economy. I also believe that since some of the funds went outside the country that didn’t generate income here in America, but created more debt for our children and grandchildren.

There are many issues that are dividing us — distortion of the truth on both sides, party against party, but we are all Americans and if for this reason alone, we should set aside our differences, look beyond our individual needs and pull together to improving the health of our fiscal house. I believe there are instances in life that require individuals to take personal responsibility and not expect the government to take care of them. We also need to remember that the country has a financial crisis there will be nothing left for any of us, young or old.

Linda Dancoes


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