Shipping Jobs Overseas Destroyed The Middle Class



Today the rich have gotten their taxes down so low they usually pay less than the average Joe does. Yet they want them lower and have wailed “no new taxes” for so long that they have convinced the rest that this means no new taxes on anybody, this stifles capitalism, prevents jobs from being created, blah, blah, blah. No new taxes on anybody except you. Does this remind you of another episode in history? France, before the revolution when the rich did not pay taxes, only the poor did.

Now for some shocking history — the rich are 90 percent responsible for this depression. They have shipped millions of jobs out of this country just so they could be richer. (Reread that sentence to yourself.) To hell with the middle class, we can put another car elevator in the garage ala

Romney. Or spend another six months in Hawaii. Trade the Mercedes in for a Ferrari. They did this by dominating all the board of directors, which are made up of CEOs, bankers, capitalists, businessmen, etc. Not a worker in the bunch. They used their votes to ship out these jobs, our good supporting-families jobs, the lifeblood of the middle class, jobs that enable people to enjoy prosperity and dignity. (Meanwhile they convinced old man Bush to give them tax breaks for doing so.) They just had to get rid of the onerous wages they were paying Americans, they wanted to get a wage overseas of $1/day. They then virtually enslaved their employees over there, just to increase their own dividends. But they did this so you, the consumer, could enjoy lower prices. Did you notice any prices falling? The top 1 percent own 80 percent of all stock, the rest of us, the 99 percent, control 20 percent. So the top 1 percent garnered 80 percent of the dividends, billions and billions.

Think of this — this group of people, the 1 percent, the richest, most well off people ever on Earth, the richest of the rich, were willing to destroy the entire middle class, devastate the country, perhaps the world, sentence people to lives of teeth-gritting, grinding poverty, just so they could be richer. Mull that over for a moment, will you? The super wealthy 1 percent could have done nothing and remained fabulously wealthy. Or they could ship out these jobs, destroying the middle class and causing untold agony. You see with your eyes what they have done. Could you call it the crime of the century?

Leon Chamberlain


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 3 months ago

Why blame the rich for paying less taxes? Should it not be the tax laws that you resent? Ah, but that would not sound so good in a liberal rant. The owners of the company I work for pay corporate taxes, and then they pay personal taxes, with the combined taxation amounting to about 45 to 65% of investment, depending on circumstances.

That is the tax situation for ‘most’ wealthy people. The wealthy, being smart people, operate in areas where they can logically minimize taxes. If given the choice, would you invest your wealth in something yielding a 10% profit before taxes, and pay out 45% of that, netting you only 5.5% after tax? Or, would you invest the same money in an 8% return situation with tax credits, deductions and so forth that cost you only 20% in taxes? Obviously, everything else being equal, choosing the latter situation would yield more net gain for your investment. (6.4% vs. 5.5%). And, you would do it. If you say otherwise, then you are either nuts or lying. This is what the wealthy do, just as you would if in their shoes.

So, this complaining about what the wealthy do with their money is a liberal singing a liberal song. Within itself, it means nothing but making a political statement that returns political gain.

Concerning France, look at the difference in their Revolution and ours. Theirs was a liberal revolution, whereas ours was based on freedom. (Capitalism) In France, their revolution was against a despot, (As was ours) but ours resulted in great happiness, whereas, France devolved into debauchery, as the liberals became obsessed with eradicating everyone they suspected as being different. The guillotine became the main symbol of the Reign of Terror. Is that what you suggest would be better than the wealthy succeeding?

And you blame the rich for the jobs going overseas? That is simply a symptom of gov’t repression of free commerce here in the U.S. Again, if you were rich and you could save yourself a few million dollars, by closing your shop here and moving it to Nogales, wouldn’t you? If you say no, you’d either be a liar, or will have given evidence of why you will never be wealthy. Change the rules to free up businesses and they would return. Make it worse, and most of the rest will leave, taking the rest of the jobs with them.

Nobody enslaves their employees. It is again freedom that sets the rate of pay we work for. If I am dissatisfied, I should go find a job paying more. If I can’t, then I need to better myself so that I can get that job. The rich man doesn’t force me to work for substandard pay. I do that to myself.

Yes, I have noticed prices falling. Cell phones are cheaper. You buy more expensive ones because you want more done by them. But, the standard cell phone costs ½ what it cost a few years ago.

The rest of this dribble is right out of the Communist play book. Have you read the Communist Manifesto? Your rhetoric is almost verbatim.


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