Vote For Romney-Ryan Will Get America Back On Track



In 2008 almost everyone in America fell for the biggest hoax in our lifetime! Barack Hussein Obama conned the American people on hope and change. We all saw the “hope and change” at the Democratic convention a couple of weeks ago when almost all of the speakers were far left radicals of this country.

They all talked about everything except Obamacare, the economy, and that there are over 23 million Americans out of a job. They talked about the Republicans’ supposed war on women, which is a joke.

The war Obama has is a war on businesses. He has crippled businesses in this country and everyone is hurting. His first two years in office were spent trying to pass Obamacare. He put all his effort into passing something, against what the people in this country wanted. Americans wanted jobs, but he did not care what they wanted, he only focused on what he wanted, which was Obamacare passing so he could control the lives of every American in this country!

It is time to vote out these far left radicals and send them back to Chicago.

We need to get this country back to the good people of the United States of America! Your vote putting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House this November will start the process of getting this country back on track.

Sarkis Mouradian


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