Carmona More Than A Doctor



Apparently Cora Detweiler did not read the entire article concerning Dr. Richard Carmona or attend the meeting where he recently spoke about his background and his reason for running for Congress. If she had, she would have known that Dr. Carmona is a well-educated, courageous man with organizational skills and excellent abilities as a team leader.

However, if his only contribution to the Senate would be practicing medicine, perhaps that would be appropriate. The current Congress is a perfect representation of Oz. With heart transplants now a viable option maybe some of the self-serving, uncaring members could use a new and compassionate heart. If brain transplant surgery were possible, then surely many of our recent members would benefit. In addition, the cowardly who bend to the wishes of their financial supporters and do their bidding in order to get re-elected, but do not have the courage to do what is best for their constituents and the country, then he probably would be a good role model.

Know your candidates, their backgrounds and accomplishments and vote, not for the Tin Man, the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion, but for the candidate who will actually work for our country.

Sylvia Freeman


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