Not Enough Jobs Now — Where Will University Students Work?



I am writing this in response to the soon to be ASU campus in Payson.

Many universities are located in larger cities; this allows students to have a large amount of opportunities around them. The town of Payson doesn’t have most of the opportunities that are given in larger cities, there are barely enough jobs for the people currently living here who have lived here for years.

How are college students who are always looking for financial aid going to be able to support themselves in our small little town?

The idea of a big university here is fantastic, but I feel that it will be unfair to the students who come and for our current residents because our jobs are extremely limited.

Was there no thought to how the university would affect our town’s economy when it was OK’d for the land of the university to be bought? It’s just unrealistic when you consider the town of Payson’s population vs. the amount of jobs.

Cory Levac


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