In Response To ‘The Dog That Didn’T Bark’



I could go into a long rant about economics, about feasibly connecting sewer systems to new buildings, and about how vacant buildings and lots already have paid sewer fees. However, since this political piece disguised as an apology didn’t substantiate any of its claims, I don’t see any reason why I should either.

Instead, I ask anyone interested to check out the sewer district themselves. See how well it’s run, the efficiency of the operation there, and to think about how often government institutions are run well.

I hear people complain constantly about agencies losing money, about how government should be run like a business. Yet, when a government entity isn’t in debt, but rather doing quite well, that sounds off alarms for some people. Nothing is going wrong. Something is going right.

The reason there has been no story in the past, is because there is no story at all. Stop digging here Roundup. The only reason that this article was even written is because of a personal bias (quite apparent in this article) toward whatever candidates are running.

Stop trying to stir up crap at the sewage department. Pardon the pun.

Tyler Aguirre


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