School Board Reviews Facilities Fees

Payson Unified School District Office

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Payson Unified School District Office


The Payson School Board Monday night reviewed the fees the district charges for community use of school facilities such as the high school auditorium, cafeterias, gyms and fields often rented by local groups.

Currently, the district has three categories of fees depending on the organization renting space. Category I, which includes non-profit and service organizations, has no charge. Categories II and III include for-profit companies and organizations. The school district currently offers them graduated levels of fees.

Payson Unified School District Superintendent Ron Hitchcock wanted to wrap up the discussion of fees before the weather increases demand for the covered facilities.

“As soon as it turns to indoor sports, we’re looking at all sorts of demand,” he said

Hitchcock said he and the board had hoped to make one of the meetings every month solely a work-study session, which would have been this one, but the board must make certain business decisions.

The board also approved the new job description for a position at the middle school in a classroom that addresses behavioral issues.

A former teacher has vacated the position and Hitchcock urged administrators and the board to re-examine posts at times like these.

Hitchcock will also ask the board to vote for a part-time teacher’s aide to the Payson Center for Success (PCS), the alternative charter high school in town.

He said PCS has increased enrollment to a level where staff needs an aide during the cross over period when the morning and afternoon students come to the school at the same time.

“For one and a half hours a day, everybody is together — that’s almost 60 students,” said Hitchcock.

The state allows that PCS may fund another teacher as soon as enrollment hits 60 students. Hitchcock said once that enrollment number is reached; PCS will hire another full-time teacher and phase out the aide position.

At meetings in November, the board will have a discussion on how the Payson district plans on incorporating state and federal teacher evaluations. At that time, the public may make comment.

The meeting will adjourn after the board concludes an executive session on a personnel matter. The public may not attend this portion of the meeting.


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