Find A Way To Make It Happen



So, let me see if I have this correct. The Town of Payson will not issue a “Certificate of Occupancy” to the Payson Community Kids until they pay $6,800 to have the road paved in front of their new facility.

This is $6,800 that the Payson Community Kids do not have. And, if they could raise $6,800, it should go to the kids and not be spent paving a road.

Come on Mr. Mayor and Ms. City Manager. Make an exception. I am sure if your heart is in the right place you can find a way to get this done without taking $6,800 away from the kids that are a part of one of the oldest and most respected charities in Payson.

I know that your response will be “if we make an exception for one, we have to do it for all.” That is not good enough. If you are as good as I think you are, you will “find a way to make this happen.”

John Zilisch


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