Get Us Out Of This Mess When You Vote



Do you know how much we owe? Our debt when George Washington was president was $225 per person (adjusted to 2009 dollars) — today it is over $43,000 per person (including children). In 1916 our debt was 2.54 percent of GDP — in 2010 it was 62 percent of GDP. Greece is a bankrupt country and their debt is over 110 percent of their GDP. They can’t survive and we can’t either unless we stop spending money we don’t have.

How much is a million billion trillion? If you stack $100 bills you can put $1 million in a good-sized suitcase. You can put $1 billion in a large U-haul truck. You can stack $100 bills seven feet high on an NFL football field, end zone to end zone, to hold $1 trillion. And in the last four years Barack Obama has increased our debt to 16 football fields full of money.

Folks, this has to stop! We owe $16 trillion and businesses aren’t hiring because our economy is flat as a pancake. Early voting begins on Oct. 11. I encourage everyone to vote early and avoid the rush in November. Help us out of this mess.

Don Castleman


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