Give The State Control Over Our Land



Would-be senator Chester Crandell and State Representative Brenda Barton believe that Arizona and Gila County should control federal, state and county land for the benefit of our citizens.

The federal government’s mismanagement of our forests has led to wildfires that threaten us all and to loss of jobs and businesses like the timber industry and sawmills.

It’s time for change.

The Democratic contenders for the Arizona State House and Senate do not believe that Gila County and the state of Arizona can manage these public lands? They believe the feds can do a better job and must continue doing it for us! Great job so far by the feds, and Mr. Obama and the Democrats!

Mr. Obama fights the creation of new, good jobs by canceling the Keystone pipeline, stopping oil production in this country on federal lands and waging a relentless war through federal regulations like those of the EPA on our job creators!

The Democratic contenders for our House and Senate seats fight for the creation of good jobs by refusing to even think about developing the natural resources that Arizona and Gila County have in abundance. How can we have good jobs in rural Arizona without developing our God given resources? The answer is that those Democrats must believe we are not capable of managing our own resources. Their result is wildfires and no new jobs!

Proposition 120 is the first step in gaining state control over our lands, our lives and our future. Please vote yes on Proposition 120 and support Chester Crandall for Senate and Brenda Barton for re-election as our Arizona State Representative.

Vicki Cool


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