No Better Qualifications Than Carmona’S



In response to Cora Detweiler: It is my belief that a highly decorated veteran who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps is imminently more qualified to represent me in the Senate than a career politician.

Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona are both admirable men, but I sincerely believe that a man who has gone from a high school dropout to U.S. Surgeon General, incidentally chosen by a Republican president, is more able to represent the common man.

Richard Carmona knows what it means to struggle; he understands the value of education and hard work, and will surely understand my concerns. He isn’t just a doctor; he has been actively involved in every phase of medicine and law enforcement. What better qualifications could he possible have?

Ernie Kellett


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 3 months ago

Where does he stand on abortion, defense, the economy, the constitution and freedom? In an article he put in the Roundup, I read nothing about those things, but rather he spoke of creating an “infrastructure of opportunity”. Did you know that the constitution has, for 225 years has been the perfect “infrastructure of opportunity”? Now, we want something in its place?

All in all, he sounds like a nice fellow and a smart one. But, we need more than smarts. We need someone that can help return our freedoms to us, prevent our economy from tanking, stop an insane regime from scrapping the very weapons that have kept Americans safe for 67 years.

We need someone who won’t let a stupid regime disarm us in this deadly world. We have seen the effect of that in Benghazi, when our gov’t left unarmed diplomats to be ‘protected’ by local Libyan men who had no dedication to them, or to their own freedoms.

What this regime did to them, they are doing to us, even now, by destroying the bulk of our once mighty nuclear forces, to leave us as unprotected as those diplomats, in a sea of people who want to kill us for who we are. Hussein has promised Russia that after he was re-elected, he would reduce them dramatically. The military has orders to drop them from the paltry 1,500 to a ridiculous 330 and he has said he would eliminate them altogether.

We have a nation divided. And, “a house divided cannot stand”. Either we return it to a free society able to do as they please (And, that includes the liberals who have had the run of the land since we first began); or we become so dominated by an overbearing gov’t that freedom lovers will rebel, which appears the ultimate goal of the current President. It seems that every move he makes is designed to divide us, and leave us a blob of ineffectual fools that the world can scoff at, as that world becomes a much more dangerous place. Why else did he say (On July 2, 2008 in Colorado Springs) that he wanted a national police force (Read that as Gestapo) that would rival our military in strength? Why would he need that, unless he expected civil unrest here?

Folks want to see everyone get along, but history shows that to be a pipedream. It has never happened, and to continue to do ineffective things to achieve what has never been achieved is evidence of neurotic behavior, is it not? Isn’t it like straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic just before it slips beneath the waves?

When will we, as a people, rear up on our hind legs and act like men? When we do that, we will elect people to congress who can represent such men, instead of expressing what some envision is the needs of the “common man”, a concept (In this context) having little to do with saving a nation that is going down by the stern. Are we so self-interested in Self, that we can’t see that saving and defending the freedoms we are losing is the ultimate way to safeguard that Self and the continued advancement of us all?


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