Before You Vote, Remember This



There is a reason the Constitution of the United States of America mentions nothing about political parties. Some of the most well respected, influential, and important writers of the Constitution were hoping that Americans did not adopt the tradition from England of choosing political parties. People like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison did not want the citizens of America to pick sides. The only side they wanted the citizens to choose was the side of the citizens.

These three men are also the reason our Constitution starts with “We the People.”

Some of the writers of the Constitution thought most people were too ignorant, ill-informed, and too easily swayed into believing anything they were told to have any involvement in their government and should have nothing to do with it.

It is these three words, “We the People,” that have done something no other Constitution in the written history of the world has done before and is the only thing that makes being an American different. “We the People” were given the right to control their government.

American citizens have been given a huge responsibility and duty to be in charge of what their government does. The Constitution explains how our government is set up, its purpose, what our government can and cannot do and our rights as a citizen of this country.

As an American born or naturalized citizen you have pledged your allegiance to this Constitution. Your first line of defense is to know and understand this document the oldest Constitution in the world has a purpose.

The preamble states the purposes for which the Constitution was written. The opening words of the Constitution make clear that it is the people themselves who have the power to establish a government or change it.

Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America does it say that you should ignore, believe, trust, support, accept the people that will separate you with labels, use your history as propaganda, destroy your education leaving you ignorant, turn your pride into self-absorption, weaken your strength of unity and leave you weak with the separation of indifference.

We have been repeatedly warned about trusting out government. We have more than 200 years of history to show us our mistakes. Mistakes we have repeated over and over again. Today’s mistakes may prove to be our greatest challenge to date. Now every step we take will be crucial to our future. Our government is a tool the citizens use to run our country. It is not what is best for the Republicans or the Democrats, it is what is best for the common good of a nation and the good of our nation.

Our country was never great because of our government. It was great because the citizens have the right to say “enough is enough” — something many have chosen to forget.

Your liberty of life and justice has been given a price tag many cannot afford. Your countrymen live in the shadows of a government that has done more to destroy what those before us worked so hard to gain. A government of self-governing citizens is only as good as the citizens themselves. Before you place blame for the discomfort and inconveniences we must all face, before you use and repeat words you know not as truth, remember who it is that must be held accountable and responsible for what they did or did not do. Do we accept our faults, face the facts as united citizens of United States or do we continue down the road of separation, indifference and apathy until we self-destruct? Do we fight for the common good and the good of our nation or do we let it fall as other great nations have done before us? Every foot to the ground, every handprint on the wall will leave us to be judged by the history we leave.

Su-Ann Eischen


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 3 months ago

Your elegance draws attention, and though I disagree with your appraisal of the Constitution, it is difficult to put a finger on just what it is. Your prose, so well done, is so generalized , and like the siren’s song, draws the human mind to almost guaranteed agreement.

So, I must ask just what is it that you want people to do? Is all this elegance merely a Kumbaya statement for us all to just get along, without distrust? Or, is it a call to become ‘independent’ of party affiliation?

It obviously ignores the fact that we are a two party country, and have been over all this time. That our greatness, which I agree is from our people’s efforts and not the gov’t, has been fostered by our Constitution and the presidents and congresses our two party system has presented, would have been impossible without that protection provided by those products of our two party system.

You appear to repudiate the methodology that rendered that greatness, and imply that it can continue without what seemed to foster its growth.

Therefore, how do you see our greatness continuing, without a two party system? Can the constitution continue with it? If so, how?

Best regards, and with considerable respect,



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