Judge Teachers On Teaching

      Carson Taylor

Carson Taylor


A teacher’s quality should not be judged on their student’s test scores so much as to how they are teaching. It is not always the teacher’s teaching that causes certain students to be falling behind, but sometimes the student’s listening that may cause them to stagger behind.

An example of a great teacher is someone who is understanding, kind, adds humor in lessons, makes lessons that interest all of the students, so they can participate, and challenges the students by giving them assignments that are a bit more challenging, just to see what they know and what they have learned.

All of my teachers have done most of this, but I also think that teachers should interview the class and inquire how he or she is teaching. The teachers should get to know each student and learn each of their strengths and weaknesses, which prevents the students from meeting confusion.

Another argument has been made for separating students by their grades. I honestly believe that they shouldn’t be separated by grades, so the smarter children can help boost the confused students, and build their confidence! They could also prevent behavior issues!

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