What Students Say About Grading Their Teachers

Lydia Schouten and Ellie Hubbard

Lydia Schouten and Ellie Hubbard


Payson School District is thinking about evaluating teachers based on children’s test scores. We three girls think this shouldn’t happen, because all children think in different ways. So, some people might do better on a test because their brain understands that subject better than others.

We think that the school board should test teachers based on what the students say. They should interview several students in the class, ask them what the teacher is doing, how they are teaching them and how much they have learned. If that teacher gets positive reviews from the majority of the students they should stay. Sometimes half of the class might like the teacher and half of the class might have not liked the teacher. If that happens we think the principal should be the tie breaker. When the majority of the students don’t like the teacher we think that teacher should be removed from the school.

Now let’s talk about what makes a good teacher. We think a good teacher is a teacher that makes lessons fun and interesting, and interacts with the students. If the teacher does fun things in their lessons such as hands on activities, more educational field trips, and learning games it is more likely that the students will participate. When the teacher interacts with the students they can find out what the child prefers to do to help them learn. They will also get to know the students so they know what area they need help in if any.

We think they should put students in classes based on their learning abilities. It would help teachers teach because all of the students are learning at the same level. In conclusion, we do not think they should evaluate teachers based on students test scores.


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