Science Not Questioned Or Called Evil



While I personally think the intelligent design theory has some flaws, it does account for the obvious intelligence in the design of living things. I even read “Darwin’s Black Box” by Behe to see firsthand what was drawing some scientists away from Darwin’s theory of evolution. I did not see in that book, or any other ID literature, any of the multitude of shortcomings you have put forth here.

I cannot help but question if you have truly examined this theory by actually studying the basic foundations of the theory.

If you knew about the concept of irreducible complexity that is a key component to the theory, many of your claims would have to be abandoned.

Your next to last paragraph indicates that you are unaware that this is a theory that belongs in the life sciences and would therefore have no influence on the development of electricity, electronics and so forth as you have claimed.

Mr. Lister and myself have both called into question Darwin’s theory of evolution. Nowhere in his letter or my letters or posts do we question science and nowhere do I see where anyone has called science evil. This false claim can be easily seen by anyone willing to read the previous posts and letters.

Because Mr. Lister has a different opinion than you, you have categorized him, called him intolerant and called into question his science education (even though he is a professional biologist), as well as assigning him motives that are not evident in his writing.

Would you call yourself tolerant or intolerant?

Questioning theories is a part of science and science cannot be science without the questioning process. Genesis 1 explains the origin of matter, energy, time and intelligence as well as the origin of the kinds of living things. It should only be discarded if it can be refuted by observational science, not categorically just because it is in biblical scripture. The validity of the concept of kinds is established by observations of living things. That should establish some credibility for this ancient account of the beginning.

Pete Greer


Pete Greer 3 years, 9 months ago

Please see the editor's note in the 4/5/13 Roundup to see a clarification by the editor of an error made in the printing of this letter.


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