Musical Theater Club Puts Polish On Performance Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Sarah Sprinkle will star in the April 11 and 12 performances of the musical “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Sarah Sprinkle will star in the April 11 and 12 performances of the musical “Beauty and the Beast.”


The Payson High School Musical Theater Club will stage Beauty and the Beast on April 11 and 12.

The $10 tickets ($8 for students) not only support the production — but help support the whole drama program for the high school.

Kathy Siler will direct the production, with musical and vocal director Daria Mason directing the orchestra and singers.

Leading performers include Katie Jones, Reid Wiles, John Buskirk, Cody Schuler, Newman Becker, Sarah Sprinkle, Hailey Hamblen and Adele Becker.

The production will borrow the extensive costumes from Theatre Works in Peoria, Spotlight Community Theatre in Peoria and Cactus Shadows High School in Peoria. The theater club also ingenuously adapted the monster set from the set used for the earlier production of “Sweeney Todd,” a triumph of construction on the part of technical director Thomas Walling and his techies.

Mason built on the musical foundations of the earlier production of “All Shook Up.” She also for the first time rented an electronic orchestra from Real Time Solutions, with live musicians playing along with this e-orchestra for that full rich full orchestra sound.

Sarah Sprinkle says, “Even though rehearsals have been stressful because of the time commitment (she has two AP classes), I am excited to play such an iconic role. I was totally surprised when I was cast as Mrs. Potts. I didn’t see myself as Mrs. Potts, but I’m having so much fun.”

Siler said, “I’ve been so very pleased that our core cast of 19 continued to work hard taking over lines and lyrics that were originally assigned to actors that had to drop the show. They constantly amaze me as I watch them put forth effort in each rehearsal. After a seven-hour school day, not counting homework hours, they keep giving their best. Also, I am blessed to have an amazing volunteer in Thomas Walling who has been putting in hours upon hours per week to help get all the tech ready.”


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