Star Valley Ponders Street Upkeep Plan


Star Valley’s $27,000 water master plan is in the works, and now a streets master plan has been launched.

At its April 2 meeting, the Star Valley Town Council authorized Town Manager Tim Grier to contract with Pinal-Gila Consulting for $7,500 to develop a master plan of the community’s streets.

Consultant Bruce Varker told the council the firm will measure the streets, catalog them, analyze needs, prioritize maintenance and provide multi-year cost estimates. His firm can also create a road maintenance schedule.

“Budgeting is very difficult if you don’t know what roads need work and how much work they need,” Varker said. “Most are in fair shape, some are marginal and most need some attention. For every dollar you spend now (on roads), you will save four in 10 years.”

Richard Pennington, chair of the Streets and Roads Commission told the council the commission needs guidance. Star Valley has 11.4 miles of public roads, with 9.6 miles of that paved. The town has 4.8 miles of private roads, almost of them dirt.

“Some need overlay, others crack sealed,” Pennington said.

The commission’s top priorities include getting a crossing on Sprague and paving a portion of Claxton.

Additional needs include a pedestrian crossing on East Highway 260 and fire signals, which both require permission and assistance from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Finally, the town should look into some fire evacuation routes at some point, Pennington said.

Councilor George Binney said with past paving projects, the town did not make sure the roads were of legal width and did not pursue easements.

Councilor Vern Leis said the base of the roads worked on in the past were not inspected in regard to condition.

Varker said both issues will be included in the streets master plan.


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