Sv Eyes Competing Uses For Federal Grant


Star Valley will likely use its next installment of federal Community Development Block Grant money to help subsidize Meals on Wheels and taxi programs for seniors.

“It is something we’re very proud of,” said Town Manager Tim Grier. The Meals on Wheels program in many cases provides the town’s seniors with their only hot meal of the day.

This year, the town used the grant money to make improvements to its Milky Way Well Site.

The town will hold an April 16 hearing on use of the next go-round of CDBG.

Recently the council held a “brainstorming” session on the topic. Some of the suggestions included: continuing the assistance to seniors; a road project; dealing with drainage; and building a small, town yard for the water department.

Grier said he met with officials with the Arizona Department of Housing and argued for about six hours to get authorization to apply for CDBG funds for both the senior program and a second project. He encouraged the council to use part of the anticipated $187,000 grant to pay for Meals on Wheels and the senior ridership program.

After evaluating the recommendations from the brainstorming session, Grier said the staff supports the proposal to create a town yard.

The Quail Valley Well Site on Rainbow currently produces only about six gallons per minute. The well could possibly produce 14 gallons per minute if repaired.

“(The production level of the well is) not likely to warrant (the expense to) make it work,” Grier said.

Instead, he recommended cleaning up the site, filling in the well and building a storage yard and workshop on the property for the water department. He said the project would benefit low to moderate income households, one of the grant requirements. The project would require no engineering or other “hoops” that will devalue the money, Grier said.


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