About The ‘Ugly Threats’ In Payson



Your editorial denouncing bigotry was exactly right and it should not be tolerated anywhere. I do believe, however, that bigotry has manifested itself in U.S. citizens who were never before bigoted, primarily because of all the illegal Hispanics/Latinos in our country. You stated that you “understand the fears of the organizers.” However, this editorial did not attempt to show any understanding as to what I believe is the basis of such bigotry throughout the United States. Our government has allowed millions of Hispanics/Latinos to come into our country illegally and instead of enforcing the laws of this country, they have rewarded these persons who have broken the law. They receive free medical care (emergency rooms), free education, and most privileges of legal citizens.

Most are good people (though the Hispanic/Latino prison population is very high) and certainly work hard doing jobs that many American citizens would not do.

However, any way you spin it, they are here “illegally” and are not being treated as lawbreakers. An American citizen who gets a speeding ticket isn’t given a pass for breaking the law. No American could go to any country (especially Mexico with its strict immigration laws), plop down, expect/demand a right to be there and be allowed to stay, receiving most of the benefits that the country’s legal citizens have, and yet it happens every day in the United States.

We can’t blame the illegal immigrants as our government has chosen to look the other way.

However, when you see these illegal immigrants doing in your face protesting, making “ugly threats” (“ugly threats” go both ways), demanding rights that they do not have (being here illegally), storming the Capitol, and even burning the American flag, it is not surprising that bigotry has resulted against them.

Many, many Americans are tired and fed up with our government giving away America to immigrants who are here illegally and changing our country and standard of living dramatically.

This same editorial lauded the merits of immigration. It is true, but while many immigrants of past came here illegally, they worked hard to become American citizens, learn our language, and were proud to become part of America. Too many of the Hispanic/Latino illegals demand to be citizens now, do not assimilate, and do not learn the language, which again angers many Americans who are tired of everything from cereal boxes, telephone prompts, and voting directions being given in Spanish when English is the official language.

The financial drain of illegal immigration is staggering, but has seldom been addressed by the media. Angry feelings toward illegals are also understandable when our own citizens are in such bad shape, with 15 percent of our citizens on food stamps, the unemployment rate is still too high, and the United States is so deeply in debt.

This is all a moot point now as amnesty for all who have broken the law seems inevitable adding more fuel to bigotry in many law abiding citizens and in those who see our country’s resources unsustainable with this absorption of millions.

America with the big heart simply can’t take in everyone anymore as we have no money in our wallet.

This letter is not meant to be a defense for bigotry, but for a possible understanding (which your editorial did not try to do) of what has caused it against Hispanics/Latinos. With amnesty coming, proponents will get what they want, but will they want what they get? Time will tell.

Sue Thompson

Editor’s note: The event sponsored by the Time Out Shelter and the Senior Center that the phone calls deterred had nothing to do with illegal immigrants. It offered services to people here legally so they wouldn’t have to drive to Phoenix. The reaction — and this letter — completely missed that point. That’s why we decried the angry reaction that frightened the organizers, many people here legally and playing by the rules and citizens of Hispanic descent as well.


Ted Paulk 3 years, 9 months ago

I'll bet Sue will tell you that along with "not being a bigot" ; "some of my best friends are Mexicans.I even went to school with one". For the record: Non-citizens are prohibited by law from receiving food stamps, mediacade, medicare, or social security. They can; however, join our military.


don evans 3 years, 9 months ago

Or, as thousands have done, illegals steal social security numbers and identity's. You think social security and medicare are in financial doom now, wait until all the Obamanista amnesty millions tap into the system. That will be one of their next demands along with the right to vote. Why do you think one of the main reasons your car insurance rates are so high? Uninsured illegal drivers by the hundreds of thousands. If following the rule of laws for our nation and calling a spade a spade makes one a bigot, where is my hat. Ms. Thompson, thank you for telling the truth.


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