Background Checks Won’T Stop Massacres



After 20-plus years of complacency with their sick invitation to gun violence, “Gun Free Zone” signs at schools, theaters and malls, and finally seeing the futility of such, the low information person’s mindset approaches hysteria.

“We must do something, and we must do it now!” — regardless of whether or not it does any good and even if it does harm.

Like most minorities, firearm owners keep their finger on the pulse of events, especially in Arizona because they realize the threat of drug cartels and home invasions caused by the inaction and illegal action of our government (i.e., failure to secure the border and sending 2,000 military lookalike semi-auto rifles to the Mexican drug cartels).

Remember, drug cartels come right up Highway 87 on their way to I-40 and they’re armed with those evil black rifles equipped with 30-round magazines.

When LEOs stop them they scatter and if one of them pounds on my door, I’ll not be able to defend myself with only a 4-round deer rifle. Is that an adequate answer from a responsible gun owner? If cartel magazines can be limited to 10 rounds, we might have a discussion; otherwise forget it.

The Second Amendment isn’t about duck hunting, and gunfights aren’t polite tennis matches between equals. It’s a matter of disproportionate force and I for one would prefer to have that force.

The reason the great unwashed get no protection of their “rights” might be: 1. Is that right enumerated in the Bill of Rights? 2. They are too busy watching “American Idol,” “Dancing With the Stars” and “March Madness” to make their demands heard?

A New York senator’s Universal Background Check legislation S-374 criminalizes the private transfer of firearms between law-abiding citizens and requires all transfers be accomplished only through FFLs with owners’ names entered in a government database — i.e., registration.

Get this — crooks and crazies do not submit to background checks. None of the “solutions to gun violence “ presently on the table would have prevented Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora or Newtown massacres. Only an armed “good guy” would have done that. The only people in the database will be law-abiding citizens. Wow, that helps a lot.

Please tell Senator Flake you don’t want “universal background checks” that the present NICS check is adequate. What is needed is prosecution of criminals. Forget the other one. Remember: “Close the gun show loophole.” Do we know him?

George Demack


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