Father-Son Tradition A Fond Memory

Regular trips to the local barbershop are a fond memory from childhood of author.

Regular trips to the local barbershop are a fond memory from childhood of author.


My father has long since passed on to a better place, but memories of him during my youth will always be with me.

I enjoy reminiscing of the times we spent in the back yard playing catch, walking with him as he hunted rabbits and pheasants along a rural railroad just outside of our small suburban town and going with him to his company’s yearly summer picnics (where you could eat as much ice cream and drink as much soda as your stomach would allow).

Probably my most vivid memory of my dad and I together was our monthly trips to the local barbershop (there was one in town). As a boy of eight, it seemed like such a manly thing to do.

The name of our barbershop was simply “City Barber Shop” and it was located right next door to Kresge’s 5 and 10 Cent Store. At that time, it had a rather plain storefront, with the usual red and white striped barber pole spinning brightly - I suppose to attract passers-by. The interior seemed fairly modest, typical of a “man” shop during that time period. And you really wouldn’t have been surprised had you seen Floyd the Barber greet you as you walked in. (After recently doing a little research, I found out that that old barber shop is still in operation today and apparently doing quite well.)

I remember very clearly sitting on the red plastic chairs with their shiny chrome legs, waiting my turn to hop up into the swiveling dark brown barber chair that seemed to swallow up my scrawny body.

While waiting for my haircut and watching my father in the chair, I was always mystified by the pre-shave ritual – the heating of the towel, the placement of the steaming, white cloth over his face and the back and forth swiping of the razor over the leather strap that hung from the chair, all before the barber dipped some sort of brush into a mug to apply hot, white steaming shaving cream onto my dad’s cheeks and chin.

I never tired of those eye-opening experiences of going to the barbershop with Dad. It always seemed like it was just something that we men did together, that ladies were not a part of. They had their beauty shops; we had our barbershops. That’s just the way it was.

And the cost of a haircut and shave in those days was quite a bit less than it is today (but wasn’t the cost of everything a lost less then?). A haircut was 15 cents and the price of a shave was the same. If a feller wanted, he could get them both for 25 cents.

This week’s music trivia question is: What words complete the 1950s musical jingle that starts with “Shave and a haircut…” Are the completing words A) makes a man a man; B) they’ll do you good; C) two bits; or D) not just for men.

If you’re the seventh caller this week and have the right answer, Stacey Dixon, barber and stylist at the Payson Hair Company will treat you to a complimentary, old-fashioned haircut and shave, complete with a hot towel, warm lather and tender loving care.

And if you’re not lucky enough to be this week’s winner, please consider stopping in to see Stacey anyway. She a wonderful barber – and why not treat yourself!

Last week’s question

This past week’s music trivia question asked if you could name the Southern-rock band, formed in 1965 by Ronnie Van Zant, who released the 1999 single Gone Fishin’.

The group, named after their high school gym teacher, had three singles reach the Billboard Top-20: What’s Your Name; Freebird; and their Grammy and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hit Sweet Home Alabama. The choices were: A) The Allman Brothers; B) Lynyrd Skynyrd; C) Grand Funk; or D) The Steve Miller Band.

The correct answer was Lynyrd Skynyrd. The other choices were also popular 1970s bands. You may remember the top hits of each group – the Allman Brothers 1973 Ramblin’ Man; Grand Funk’s 1974 version of The Loco-Motion; and the Steve Miller Band’s 1974 hit The Joker.

Congratulations to last week’s second-time music trivia winner, John Gonalves. Last week’s prize was an album of the winner’s favorite artist or genre of music. John opted for a greatest hits of Bob Seger CD.

A final note

Two new sets of pictures that I’ve added to my web site are from events from last weekend. One set is from the Optimist Club’s 7th annual Kids Fishing Festival at Green Valley Park. The Rim Country weather was just about perfect for the nearly 300 adults and children who dropped their bait into Green Valley Park’s nine-acre lake, where lifetime memories were undoubted etched as many of the kids reeled in some really big whoppers.

The second set of pictures I’ve posted is from last Saturday’s 18th annual Kiwanis auction, held at the Mazatzal Casino. The evening saw 165 members and supporters gather for good food, fellowship and fundraising; with all the proceeds from the auction going to provide scholarships for our area youth.

Have a nice Rim Country week.

DJ Craig, (928) 468-1482

Web site: www.djcraiginpayson.com


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