Jre Students Learn Some Valuable Shopping Tips At Bashas’


More than 60 third- and fourth-grade students from Julia Randall Elementary (JRE) went to Bashas’ supermarket on March 4 to learn about how shoppers get what they pay for to participate in Weights and Measures Week.

Officials from the Arizona Weights and Measures Department, along with Bashas’ employees, had demonstrations and examples about the different types of inspections made to ensure the weights listed on products reflect the actual weight of material inside the packaging.

“The goal of today’s exercise was to teach students about the regularity and retail side of business and ultimately equip these young consumers with shopping tips they can use every day,” said Kevin Tyne, Weights and Measures Director.

The students toured throughout the store, specifically in the produce, meat and UPC scanning (cash register) areas. The students were taught how to read grocery store labels and signs, why it is important to watch prices and how to check for fresh items. The presenters gave each student an opportunity to check prices on items they selected.

Weights and Measures Week serves as a reminder of the value that Arizona communities receive from the inspection programs conducted by the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures.


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