No Nepotism



I’d like to address the recent letter regarding three members of the same family, teaching especially education at the middle school. I, myself, am a special education teacher at Rim Country Middle School. I work with all three members of the family and can assure you there is no nepotism going on.

First of all, two of the family members are paraprofessionals (who are both working on their teaching degrees). The principal had nothing to do with hiring them. They were chosen by those of us who teach special education and who would be working with them. We hired numerous paraprofessionals last year and they were among those hired with the best qualifications.

None of our paraprofessionals choose curriculum. They follow what is given to them by the classroom teachers or special education teachers. They work with numerous teachers at the school and do an excellent job. The teachers they work with will attest to the fact that they impact student achievement in a very positive way.

The third family member is a highly qualified teacher in the area of math. She didn’t ask or apply to come to RCMS. With budget cuts last year she was reassigned to our school this year.

She is an excellent teacher and we were very fortunate to get her.

None of the three family members are supervised by the principal.

The director of special services is in charge of all special education personnel throughout the district. The three of them don’t work with each other on campus; in fact they’re not usually ever in the same building.

We’re all here to do what is best for the children and their education; I would hate to think that we would lose good and valuable staff because they are related. That would definitely not be in the best interest of the students at Rim Country Middle School.

Pat Heizer


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