Women Should Be Treated As Adults



It is high time that women in our society be treated like adults, fully actualized human beings who are valuable in their own right. Too often they are treated as children, or worse, as victims to be abused at will. This is particularly true of women of slender financial means.

To the rescue comes armedcitizenproject.org. This outfit finds single moms and other single women in low income neighborhoods, the very women who are most likely to be assaulted, raped or robbed, trains them to handle arms and then gives them for free, a home defense shotgun.

Imagine, a free woman able to stand on her own two feet and not depend on the whim of others for her personal protection. To the slogan Free Men Free Markets I would add Free Women Free Shotguns.

Andy McKinney


Pat Randall 3 years, 9 months ago

Maybe women should act like adults and be more responsible for taking care of themselves. Stop thinking they need a man to take care of them.
A real women knows how to work and support herself. She should know about birth control first of all. Abortion is not an option. Learn self defense, pepper spray, tear gas, and other things besides shotguns will help. A pistol is my choice. Easier to carry and will fit in your purse.


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