Letter Writer’S Claim About Sanitary District Incorrect



I’m uncertain as to where a recent letter writer got his information regarding the sanitary district.

His comments concerning plans of the Northern Gila County Sanitary District are simply without fact.

Yes, the district does plan to expand, improve, and update its water reclamation facility. Yes, it is necessary now. The current facility is nearing 30 years of age and has exceeded 80 percent of its permitted capacity some time ago. Regulatory agencies mandate this action. However, the district is not planning a rate increase in either the property tax levy or the user fees as suggested. Because of vision, planning and fiscal responsibility, the district is able to use cash reserve funds to support these improvements, without placing the burden upon the existing ratepayers.

The facts are, that in light of the national and local economics, three years ago the district lowered the tax levy to its lowest level in 39 years. Prior to this decrease, it had remained the same for 22 years. The district has not increased the quarterly/monthly user rate for six years and has no expectation to do so anytime soon.

The district is committed to managing our vital natural resources while protecting the environment for the benefit of our current and future community.

Joel S. Goode, general manager,

Northern Gila County Sanitary District


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