Metal Storage Unit Rules Loosened


Residents could soon lawfully keep metal storage containers in their yards after the Payson Town Council took the first step to loosen regulations at a recent meeting.

If approved, Ordinance 830 would give residents license to place at least one storage unit on their property permanently. In commercial districts, businesses could have larger, mobile units and would no longer have to disguise them from public view.

Mobile storage units (MSUs) are typically made of metal and are often used for moving and construction purposes, but more people are also choosing to use them for permanent storage.

The containers typically arrive by truck or trailer and are not designed for human occupancy.

Under the current town code, placing such containers permanently in a yard is not allowed. For some residents, this seems unfair.

Town Attorney Tim Wright said some questioned why a neighbor could have an old, dilapidated shed in their yard, but they couldn’t have a clean, metal storage unit.

Under Ordinance 830, anyone who owns property with a home could place a MSU up to 320 square feet. If the parcel is at least one acre, the storage unit could be as big as 640 square feet.

There are currently no restrictions on the size, materials, colors or design of residential sheds, but the Payson council suggested MSU match the color of the home or surroundings.

Commercially, the ordinance loosens restrictions on the size of MSUs and would no longer require business owners to screen them from view.


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