Repair Or Buy ‘New’



Constant water leaks occur with our current PSWID water system and the community is faced with continual repair costs. The community doesn’t want higher rates or higher taxes. This aging water system was originally built with substandard piping and has been limping along for many, many years. It would be nice to get a new water system, but is that the smartest decision for the community? Would we be better off fixing our current system gradually, or is it really time to build a new one.

It is almost always less expensive to repair than build new. It’s kind of like buying a new car or keeping and repairing the one you have. You can be in a catch 22 where the repairs are more than the worth of the car, but there is no way you can afford a new car payment. You keep fixing up the car you have until you can save up to buy the new one. The answer is not to get a loan with payments you can’t afford in order to get a new car.

Building a new water system seems like an intimidating prospect. The community wouldn’t have to worry constantly about the frequent breakdowns. Repairing one thing doesn’t guarantee that another breakdown won’t happen down the line.

If you build a new system, you’ll have dependability and less major repairs. However, the consequence of this is higher water rates and higher taxes. Our community would be literally chasing away limited and lower income people. The Realtors, developers and local businesses would benefit from the revenue created by the turnover of properties created by lower income people leaving this area because they can’t afford it.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether to continue to repair or whether to build new. Building a new system might seem like the best solution over continual repairs, but due to the consequences — higher property taxes and higher water rates — it isn’t the best financial decision for the majority of the community.

Deb Schwalm


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