Ordinary Citizens Don’T Support Expanding Medicaid



The governor’s plan to add more than 300,000 Arizonans to the Medicaid rolls will do nothing more than facilitate and expand Obamacare. Voters clearly expressed their will to reject implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via Proposition 106 in 2010.

If this expansion goes through, nearly one-fourth of all Arizonans will receive free taxpayer paid medical care. This isn’t a “safety net” for the poorest citizens. It is an incentive program for socialized medicine.

When Prop. 204 was approved by the voters, the Prop. 204 population was said to be 40,000 and health care for this group was to be paid from tobacco taxes. The voters did not approve a massive expansion of the population.

The federal government won’t honor its promise for funding.

To pay Arizona’s share of the massive Medicaid expansion, the state will charge a “provider tax” to hospitals. According to the draft language, legislators must relinquish their lawmaking authority to the unelected AHCCCS director, who determines the amount of the tax and can even choose who has to pay and who will be exempt. This gives unbridled authority to an unelected state bureaucrat, a recipe for tyranny.

Does anyone wonder why Planned Parenthood supports the governor’s plan? It’s because Arizona is required to contract with abortion providers to provide Medicaid services to its citizens, and Arizona taxpayer dollars subsidize abortions. One may cite Arizona House Bill 2800, which forbids this. However, via Planned Parenthood Arizona v. Betlach, a federal court enjoined enforcement of this law.

Lobbyists and agencies support the expansion. Ordinary citizens do not.

Anita Christy


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