Sights And Scents Of Spring In The Village

Bee in apple blossom.

Bee in apple blossom.


The air smells so sweet with the blossoms just starting to come into full bloom on the apple trees. Maybe we will have apples this year! We’ll keep our fingers crossed that no more frost comes to the Village.

Elk have been checking out our yard just about every day, chewing on the new grass that is sprouting up. Their footprints are everywhere.

The hummingbirds are at the feeders just about all day long and there must be a “Rufus” among them chasing some of the hummers away. I can look out my kitchen window and watch the other birds as well, I don’t know the names of them, but there are at least four different species of them chowing down on the bird seed. Watching the birds keeps me distracted while doing a mundane task such as washing dishes.

A sad farewell

This past week, the Village and in particular, the Hellsgate Fireflies, the Domino Divas and the Double D nine-ball pool ladies, had the very sad task of saying goodbye to Linda Stailey.

The nine-ball ladies put on a potluck and pool tournament for Linda last Tuesday evening.

The next day, the Fireflies and the Domino divas “roasted” Linda during their regular domino day. Linda was presented with a certificate for her contributions to the Fireflies fund-raisers as the main cook and supporter and player with the Divas for many years. Linda also received a gift card to help her decorate her new digs in Oracle, Ariz.

Linda has been, over the years, the watchdog and the ears of the Village. One of the ladies said, “Now who are you gonna call?”

Linda has left a huge hole and big shoes for someone else to fill.

Hellsgate Fireflies

The Fireflies had a “think tank” session this past Saturday morning at the Tonto Village fire station with a good attendance of ladies plus Chief Gary Hatch, administrative assistant Karen Carlen, along with the administrative assistant of Christopher Kohl’s Fire Department, Linda Digman. Many options were discussed for the fund-raisers, including getting together with the Firebelles for their fund-raisers. There were no hard decisions made.

Shelby School

Did you see the photo of Joshua Sampson in last Friday’s Arizona Republic? Yes, one of our Village residents and a former Shelby student, showcased his humor at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale on April 4 — to a very enthusiastic crowd. Josh’s sister, Noelle Gordon, also a former Shelby student, surprised her brother by volunteering from the audience to jump to the mic herself! Their mother, Deborah Sampson, a local Realtor, was tickled and proud to see both of her children shine onstage.


Cindy Fitch of Tonto Village II celebrated her birthday April 14. We hope that you had a great day, Cindy.

Angela Meeker Glass, daughter of Rick and Theresa Meeker of Scottsdale and Tonto Village II, will celebrate her birthday on April 19. Roxanne Martin of TVII will share the day with Angie. Happy birthday to you both.

On a personal note, our two oldest daughters, Joanne Harper and Eileen Porter will share their birthday on April 22, Earth Day. Joanne and Eileen were born exactly two years and one minute apart. Joanne came into the world on April 22, 1958 at 7:58 p.m. and Eileen on April 22, 1960 at 7:57 p.m. I was all set to arrange a birthday party for Joanne and the doctor told me “No, you are going to the hospital to give birth.” I said, “I can’t, I’m having a party for Joanne.” He said, “What better present than a baby sister or brother?” They couldn’t have been more the opposite of each other. They shared a room and each half was totally different. To this day, they are strictly unique for having the same birthday. Happy birthday to my dearest daughters.

Double D Doings

The Double D nine-ball ladies played last Tuesday evening. Winners were Ethel Cain, Betty Koutz and Kara Shaw. The Tonto Village gals are anxiously waiting for the Christopher Creek gals to join them.


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