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I would like to know where a recent letter writer has “seen a lot of comments lately about all of us needing assault weapons to protect our homes” (Roundup, April 9). I keep a pretty close eye on matters related to our right to keep and bear arms, and I haven’t seen or heard of anyone suggesting a need for (so-called) assault weapons to defend our homes “lately” or any other time. The writer appears to miss both the point of firearm ownership and the facts related to the point.

Semi-automatic rifles that look like military selective-fire “assault weapons” (and aren’t) are almost never used in home defense, and are even more rarely fired in those vanishingly rare cases in which they are used. In fact, our right to keep and bear arms — all the arms typically carried by the well-equipped infantryman — is not guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution for home defense. Nor for hunting, nor for target shooting, or for any other sporting purpose.

The Founders of our free nation guaranteed our pre-existing right to keep and bear arms to keep us free; to encourage a culture of liberty not enjoyed by any other nation on the planet; to protect us from invasion from without and from tyranny and oppression from within.

There have been nine major genocides in the world in the last 100 years, and every single one of them was preceded by disarming the population of their military-pattern rifles and other weapons.

The most recent was in 1994 in Rwanda, and there are several hotspots in the world right now that look like genocide might be continuing as this is written. The false and fraudulent arguments used to justify those confiscations of privately owned military-pattern firearms are the same arguments put forth by gun-banners today. Gun owners are done with those arguments. We will accept no more.

There is a certain segment of society and government today who see gun owners as obstacles to their utopian plans for social progress, and rightfully so. Their utopian plans for social progress are thinly disguised versions of a feudal society in which they are the masters and their word is law. Our forefathers rejected that kind of society in 1776 and made it stick in 1781, and made sure we could do it again if we have to. Free men do not give up their liberty teeth, and we are free.

Donald L. Cline


Ted Paulk 3 years, 9 months ago

Lots of words strung together...blah, blah, blah.:)


Donald Cline 3 years, 9 months ago

Is that the best you can do, Ted? I thought you gun-banning folks were demanding a "rational conversation" on the subject of firearms in America. Here it is offered to you and the best you can do is bail out with a non-sequitur? I'm disappointed, but of course I am not surprised: That's the best any Marxist or gun-banner (I repeat myself) has been able to do yet. Have a good day, and I'll be around to respond to your next letter to the editor. Of course, the offer to engage in a rational discussion of the subject here remains open: After all, the motivation behind such nonsense remains a mystery to me, and I would really like to learn what in the world makes you think like you do.



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