In The Interest Of Public Safety



While the First Amendment still exists, that is the freedom of speech and expression, and religion, I would like to suggest that all USA vehicles made starting on 2014 have a breath analyzer interlock system wired into the vehicles ignition system as standard equipment. This would prevent drunks from starting their vehicles. In addition, in the event that this system fails, all USA vehicles should only be made with standard shift transmissions and all automatics be eliminated. This would slow the drunk down trying to manually shift gears and operate the clutch.

This of course would infringe and violate the freedom of choice for the rest of the millions of law-abiding citizen — but heck we don’t count, we most probably lost another freedom as I write this ...

Our government is becoming a dictatorship and we are becoming subjects rather than citizens of a government by the people.

God help America — Oh I take that back. Sorry, I forgot, we can’t say God anymore!

Robert Kraniak


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