Nepotism At Rim Country Middle School



This letter is in response to recent letters involving nepotism at Rim Country Middle School. Many have openly questioned our school board about nepotism being practiced in our school district and now Jim Quinlan, who is a school board member, wants to take a look at this matter.

If we all just stop and think for a moment — there are four members of the same family working at one school. Why? Payson School District does have three other schools. There have been other qualified applicants apply for paraprofessional jobs, but instead family members of the middle school principal were hired.

Having formerly taught as a special education teacher at Rim Country Middle School and having one of those said family members as a paraprofessional in my classroom I do have personal experience with what really happens and the statement, “None of the three family members are supervised by the principal” looks pretty in writing, but is not what occurs on a daily basis.

My experience was more along the lines of the said paraprofessional being frequently absent from the classroom in order “to help my dad”; having a second lunch with Dad (the principal); not performing his duties of accompanying our special needs students to the activity field after lunch because our principal (his dad) was talking to him. Do you see a pattern here?

The director of special services does not sit in on interviewing applicants for positions at our schools and she trusts those at our schools to make the correct decisions. Nepotism is not a politically correct decision and many are just tired that our school district continues to operate in such a backward manner.

Nepotism stifles teachers and other school employees, keeping them from feeling secure in their work environment.

As one person who addressed the school board stated, “A school district is not a family owned business and family members should not be working together at the same school.”

If even one teacher or staff member feels stifled or threatened with our school district’s practice of nepotism, then this is not fair treatment of our school district employees.

Debbie Schloesser


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