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In order to submit this letter to the editor I had to give out seven bits of information, including my address and phone number. That’s probably about two or three bits less than I would have to give up for a background check to buy a gun. There are nine items on my Arizona driver’s license ... personal stuff like height and weight, which we offer up freely.

The NRA’s main argument is that registration won’t prevent gun deaths because people will still get shot.

Using that logic: Why issue a driver’s license? Many people with a driver’s license get in accidents. Therefore, using NRA logic, this process does not prevent accidents and is therefore pointless. Along that line, why register autos? Hundreds of autos are stolen daily even though they have been registered. I know this letter is silly, but no sillier than NRA thinking.

Ted Paulk


Kim Chittick 3 years, 9 months ago

I am not certain what point you were trying to make with this letter, other than to make us all aware that you think the NRA is silly. However, I will address a couple of the things you said: "Why issue a driver’s license? Many people with a driver’s license get in accidents." Excellent deduction Mr. Paulk, that is absolutely correct. Many people with a driver's license DO get in accidents. Conversely, most people with a driver's license DO NOT get in accidents.

Driver's licenses are a commonly and universally accepted means of identification, hence the need for identifiers such as height, weight, eye color, hair color, photograph and date of birth. Typically, possession of a (legally obtained) driver's license indicates that the holder has undergone the training and testing required to ensure the knowledge and skill level necessary to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

While it is entirely possible and all too easy to obtain a driver's license fraudulently, possession of such does not guarantee, nor negate, the likelihood of holder of such to get into an accident. As a matter of fact, if I had the time and were so inclined, I would undertake the research to determine how many accidents are caused by unlicensed and/or illegally licensed drivers. I would be willing to bet that number is quite high.

Make no mistake, I am completeley cognizant of the fact that you are (in a roundabout way) saying that the information that most of us give up willingly, in order to obtain a driver's license, or to write a letter to the Editor, or any one of a variety of other activities we do each day, is no different than that which would be required to purchase a gun. Talk about silly thinking!!!

Mr. Paulk, one cannot go to a corner in any one of a variety of neighborhoods and obtain a driver's license. While, I've no doubt that any one of us could go to many places in Phoenix (and quite possibly even right here in Payson) and with the right amount of cash, walk away with an unlicensed, unregistered gun. No background check, no showing of identification, no 3 day waiting period, no unpleasant questions as to mental state, type of medications taken, or previous criminal history.

Do I like that prospect? Absolutely not!! Does it make me happy? Of course not!! However, the presumption that guns kill is as preposterous as the presumption that cars kill. Both need a person, a human being, a live, active, breathing, homo sapien to put events into motion, whether that motion is pulling a trigger, or stepping on an accelerator. Both are simply inanimate objects until they are given action by a person.


Donald Cline 3 years, 9 months ago

Well, yeah, pretty silly thinking. Your letter compares apples and oranges: On the one hand you refer to operating a motor vehicle, and on the other you refer to purchasing a firearm. Now, if you were to compare operating a motor vehicle on a public thoroughfare with operating a firearm on a public thoroughfare, the format of your argument would be correct but your conclusion would still be wrong: A proof of competency test (and a license certifying it) is required to operate a motor vehicle on a public thoroughfare (and your driving record will be checked), while operating a firearm on a public thoroughfare is flatly prohibited: No need for a license or background check: It is not allowed (except, of course, in the gravest extreme emergency requiring self-defense, in which case anything that will do the job is allowed).

Likewise, if you were to compare purchasing a motor vehicle with purchasing a firearm, the format of your argument would again be correct, but your conclusion would still be wrong: A license and/or background check is not required to purchase a motor vehicle from anyone, but a background check is (currently, illegally, and unconstitutionally, in violation of several rights other than the right to keep and bear arms) required to buy a firearm (if you buy it from a dealer).

You express your lack of concern at the private information you give up to obtain a driver’s license or to write a letter to this newspaper: Would you be equally unconcerned if some government bureaucrat prohibited either because it was decided your comments were dangerous to the government agenda? Or if a totalitarian administration decided that regardless of intent, it just wasn’t considered safe (for government) for private citizens to do either? It’s been done before, all over the world. But not here, because we – citizens -- have the means to prevent it.

Yes, Ted, that is exactly why the current Marxist Mafia administration has pulled out all the stops to disarm the American public. They cannot proceed with their totalitarian agenda until they do. And they are on a timetable; they are already 13 years late reaching their objective, and it makes them furious to think we -- the armed American public -- are going to delay them further. You can now expect several more false flag shoot-'em-ups like Aurora and Sandy Hook as they continue prosecuting their agenda, and they will likely be worse because Barry Soetoro (alias Obama) and his internationalist handlers are furious that a bunch of peasant rabble (their view, and perhaps yours) has thwarted their plans once again. We will continue to do so by whatever means are necessary.


Kim Chittick 3 years, 9 months ago

Well stated Mr. Cline! I forgot to mention the absolute total and complete fury that Obummer exhibited when his and his minions plans were thwarted for more gun control. His and Joe Biden's faces were absolutely priceless.


Ted Paulk 3 years, 9 months ago

Donald, I saw last week when you called the Democrat Party "Communists" and the Prez a I remember where I last saw you..playing the banjo in "Deliverance" wasn't it!!:)


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