Lively Debate Is Hallmark Of Democracy



I would be more upset if a mayor didn’t express his opinions on such subjects, rather than chastise him when he does. Mayors especially deal with knowledge of crime that not all citizens are privy to. As a citizen of the area, a mayor’s opinion is valuable to my understanding of crime in the area ... if he backs up the opinion with facts about the community’s crime profile. Given the great number of gun enthusiasts and local gun clubs and ranges locally we have a higher number of people “packing” in Arizona traveling through this area.

The argument that the letterhead indicated that he was speaking for constituents needed to be stated in the letter. To condemn a mayor for using town stationery is not fair. He’s the mayor.

I believe the organization was “Mayors against illegal guns.” This doesn’t need a constituent vote ... mayors are allowed to have opinions ... and are valued for expressing them ... I believe the point is that this is a country that allows us to voice our opinions.

What I find disturbing is that there is such a backlash for his speaking his mind.

When did becoming a mayor preclude his opinion? People want their mayor’s opinion, especially in a small town. I like it.

A lively debate is the hallmark of democracy. Squelching debate is something else.

Deb Dugger


don evans 3 years, 9 months ago

Of course the Mayor has a right to express his opinion on any relevant matter. However, it would appear that his "personal" opinion should not have been represented by using official Town Letterhead. Politics is all about public perception, like it or not. And I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of Star Valley Town residents did not agree with the Mayor. Nor did they appreciate his giving the perception that the Town of Star Valley and he, in his official capacity, supported the Gun Control legislation. In my opinion, he resigned not over just this one incident, but was concerned about any further media, public scrutiny, and his council into his official Town political activities and associations as Mayor, without their knowledge. This one particular issue would seem rather minor for him to resign his position otherwise.


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