Dr. York’S Practice Is Still In Jeopardy



Let’s hope the sub-headline “Supporters prevent eviction of Pine’s only physician” in the Roundup proves true in the long run. But all those in the Pine community and her patients especially who treasure Dr. Lisa York as a fine and caring doctor should remain aware that Dr. York’s practice is still very much in jeopardy.

The Pine Strawberry Health Services board, which operates the donated medical building that Dr. York rents from them, has made no bones about that they will evict her if she does not catch up on the full amount of her rent and utilities payments according to a schedule they have set up.

I therefore urge all those who love and respect Dr. York to continue giving her any support they can. Whether it be a cash donation (to Dr. York, not the board) for whatever they can afford, a pre-payment of their own medical bill, or volunteering to help out in the office — anything you can do to make sure that we keep her as our physician.

I also urge everyone to attend the next monthly meeting of the P/S Health Services board on May 20. Mike Blaes, president of the board, has been quoted as saying he finds it “ironic” that no one ever comes to the board meetings. Well, Mr. Blaes, you’ve got our attention now. We fully intend to not only come to the board meetings, but to apply to serve on the board. Not only to ensure that our physician is fairly dealt with, but also to make sure the board is operating properly.

In the meantime, please donate to Dr. York and help in any way you can.

Nick Berezenko


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