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When I first read the article on the sale of Frontier Elementary School to a “competing school” — Payson Community Christian School (PCCS) — I considered it to be biased and sour grapes.

However, I began to question how a private school with an enrollment of less than 100 students and without state or federal funding could possibly be considered a “competitor” of PUSD.

What does PCCS offer that would make them competitive? Could it be faith-based instruction, daily Bible study, weekly chapel, small teacher to student ratios, individualized attention and instruction, strong teacher-parent relationships, or private funding rather than governmental funding with “strings attached”?

If PUSD were to offer these qualities, then PCCS could possibly be a “competitor.” Rather than being a competitor, PCCS is alternative to the highly regulated government school system.

Payson residents should be grateful for PCCS and its strong faith-based principles. This outstanding private school and its dedicated staff are an asset to the community and deserve your prayers and support.

Gary Hampsch


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 7 months ago

I still consider this deal to be "biased and sour grapes."

This "private school with an enrollment of less than 100 students and without state or federal funding" cannot possibly be considered a “competitor” of PUSD. The 2000 public students vs. the 100 students is no comparison at all. So, its the 5% vs. the 95%, fairness argument that is so unpopular, that is just one of the many issues.

Guess what the public school provides. Services to all. That does require governmental funding with “strings attached.” The "strings attached" is paperwork and oversight. And guess what, the kids get individual attention as well, the parents can pray with them daily (as they should), and their private churches can provide bible study. That way there is community involvement.

"PCCS is alternative to the highly regulated government school system." Well I don't like paperwork or regulations either, so can I get free public property, and free tax money too?

Payson residents have strong faith-based principles. We can have outstanding public schools, avoid corruption, stop government waste, so that all of our school community gets the support it needs from all of us.

Also, I read that the private school needs donations to stay open at this time. What is going to happen when they get their first electric bill, maintenance charges, etc., and decide that they can't afford that building. They can just sell it for a profit and move on. Then what?


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 7 months ago

The Private School Could just "lease" the property back to PUSD. Just like our AZ Governor did when she sold the State Capitol Building to a private corporation and then leased it back from them. Is this really the direction you want to head?

What Muslim religion is it that offers faith-based instruction, daily public prayers, daily Koran study, weekly/daily Mosque attendance, and has no separation between their government and churches? You do realize that there are large populations of Non-Christians who will follow the suit of this deal. The next thing that could very well happen is that a large population of Atheists or Maybe even the Church of Satin (for example) will get a sweet heart deal in California. In my opinion, this is setting a terrible precedence.


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

Robbin, What is your problem, selling the school or religion? If the buyer can't make the payments the School district can get it back. Surely with all you know, there is a place in Real Estate contracts that has a place to type in a due on sale clause in it. PUSD would get thier money or the school. Personally I never ask people thier religion. It isn't any of my business.

What and where is this Church of Satin you wrote as an example? What does it have to do with the sale of our school and Califorina?


don evans 2 years, 7 months ago

Ms. Flowers comments above are confusing at best. I suspect that she is a product of the public gubment school system (as I am also). The Church of Satin is a huge tent erected in Bangladesh to teach making pillow cases with a 300 thread count.....


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 7 months ago

Pat, I have a problem with corruption, and I am sick of it. I don't care if it is the government or a church, wrong is wrong! The lawyer wants to be secret because the board is immune from law suits, but the lawyer isn't. There would be no need for secrets if the intentions of this school sale were honorable! This deal is illegal, and corrupt. I see our state and town being robbed! If I saw someone robbing one of my neighbors, I wouldn't just "look the other way."
This is a small town, so you hear things. It is my understanding that the lawyer was also involved with setting up the colluded California School Bonds, that bankrupted school districts there, and set up Madoffs business practices, and AIG and ENRON Corp. So the experience of advancing corruption runs deep.

I am one upset wild west, publicly educated, Native Arizonian, mother. I take God, Country, Rights, State Constitution, Heritage, and duty to my fellow man very seriously.
The future for these children, is no joke. We will influence them just like I was influenced by all the public school employee Christians influence me. Do we want to advance the cause of goodness or corruption to these Children? I have no interest here accept to do the RIGHT thing. (I even home school, because I really do see the problems of public school, and we pay considerable property taxes so others have the choice of an education. If I chose to, we could pay for private school, but there is problems with that as well.) And, in response to religion and a past post, about the LDS seminary across from the high school, - so what? THEY paid for the property and building. I went to Mountain View High, I was born and live in Gila County and we are "surrounded by LDS." But, I am a non-denominational Jesus Follower, I love everyone, just like Jesus. The LDS Saint's don't judge or discriminate against me or anyone, but interestingly, they are discriminated against by others. I can say, that it is an honor to be around them. They contribute significantly and positively to our life, culture and community, they are the best people anyone could ever know, just like some other the other Christians in town, like Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Nazarenes, etc... So, as I see it, there is no need to discriminate against any Christian group by robbing the school children's future and tax payers. The Church of Satin, does really exist, in California. This public property rip off, would be a righteous move to them.


don evans 2 years, 7 months ago

"They paid for the property and building." I think that makes your point mute. If you believe the process was corrupt, (and I may very well agree with you) bring forth your facts and make an issue of it, please. Be that as it may, I'll take the private Christian School over any public school expansion or expenditure. After all, look how much money the taxpayers and school district lost for us on this debacle. Just another example of those who run government schools these days.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 7 months ago

Don, I have done what I can. But, as Pat already knows "you can't stop it." I have presented the information available to me to the AG, Arizona Auditor, State Board of Education, et. all. I would have preferred to keep it in the town but, I have no faith in that board, they are secretive and I couldn't contact them via e-mail (site unavailable.) I am aware that it most likely won't do any good, because corruption is legal in Arizona. Besides, I am just a lowly, female, peasant chump, at least I tried.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 6 months ago

Don, In response to "I'll take the private Christian School over any public school expansion or expenditure."

The public school did already have the expenditure (harvesting the chumps) for what appears to be, in preparation for, The Private School Take Over.

I don't have a problem, at all, with some special group purchasing Frontier Elementary School for Actual Value. Or, is "hand outs" only OK in this town, if its to the already advantaged? 100 kids verses 2000 kids. Didn't this same kind of thing happen on the Titanic? Only the people on the top got to get in the boat. They could have saved more people, but those "other" people didn't have fancy enough clothes to be of any value.

"After all, look how much money the taxpayers and school district lost for us on this debacle." Is this town going to sit back and just watch them lose more? This IS what will cause more public expenditure, in so many ways you can't even imaging. Perhaps that's the whole idea to begin with.

"Just another example of those who runs government schools these days." The Payson Unified School District Runs The School in Payson, not even the Governor of Arizona has Jurisdiction over locally elected officials. Look in the mirror, Obama or the Feds didn't do it this time. Maybe that's just a smoke screen after all.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 7 months ago

Don, How is that a mute point? I also think that private Christian Schools are GREAT! We are in agreement there. But, as another example, lets just say that the a group of satin (wink) lovers also didn't like the public schools. Would it be ok with you, if that group went behind closed doors and brokered a deal to steal one of the public schools in Payson? How about if they wanted to take over JRE for, lets say 1.25 million bucks. Would that be OK with you? The public school system is in enough trouble already, WE DO NOT NEED TO MAKE IT WORSE. In fact, why don't we make it better.

There is a quite an amazing diversity of Christians in this town, (thank GOD for separation of church and state, which has evolved over many years, and is in serious jeopardy) - but, all of our American Heritages have the same seed. That seed grew into an amazing complicated tree of Payson life, that I am in awe of.

Do you know that in some countries, you can be burned or killed for even thinking outside of the religious indoctrination that the government insists upon their people? That indoctrination is so effective that men will even kill little girls for thinking about getting an education? Are you aware that those same countries are moving into America and could very well indoctrinate this country? What would you do to protect what little bit of freedoms we may or may not have left?

In America, my kind (women) has had the right to vote for a whole hundred years now. Do you have any idea what my foremothers had to go through for that to happen? Women in Saudi Arabia will get some voting rights in 2015. You may be asking yourself, "what does that have to do with anything?" It has to do with all of the girls (and boys) in this town (this town created them.) What is their future going to look like? Will the girls get to be educated free thinkers or will they just be enslaved breading sows?


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