Bp Ads Misleading



Has anyone noticed the slick BP television ads currently featuring very attractive people in pristine working conditions? The ads are touting the wonders of BP Oil Company and their tremendous gift of jobs to the United States. Every person in the ad is so happy and proud to be working for BP and providing for our future.

In the meantime, BP has asked a judge to stop making payments to individuals and businesses on the Gulf Coast for damages many have experienced due to the 2010 oil rig disaster. This is the second time BP has asked for suspension of payments.

Two years after the disaster, a research group found that the agent, Corexit, used to disperse the oil from the gulf waters simply makes the oil sink to the bottom of the sea. Corexit was banned in the United Kingdom. The EPA permitted its use where it spread toxicity throughout the Gulf and created a far more dangerous situation than the oil itself, impacting both human and environmental health.

As citizens and voters we need to be aware of the bright, often blinding marketing tools used by both corporations and politicians. Dig deep! Learn the history, reputations and actual truths. Do not fall for a person, corporation or ideology without investigating and seeing all sides of an issue.

Sylvia Freeman


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