Bullying Isn’T Just At School



Often people have the idea that bullying is something that only happens with children. Unfortunately, some adults do not grow out of it. Bullies are usually driven by insecurity, inferiority, cowardice and seek power. By putting people down they can raise their own self-esteem.

That being said, everyone is responsible for how they choose to treat others and Gary Lovetro, PSWID vice chair, is no exception. Meetings held by the Pine-Strawberry water board continue to be frustrating.

Interrupting, dismissing and insulting Mr. Schwalm and his attempts to be heard whether it be verbal or through rude actions like talking during slide presentations or claiming violation of OML (open meeting law) is astounding to say the least. Even the PSWID lawyer refuses to make a decision on OML violation. The board continually attempts to silence and block ideas and/or suggestions by Mr. Schwalm. If Mr. Schwalm’s ideas are allowed to be presented, there is no sincere consideration, just interruption, intolerance and disdain.

Mr. Lovetro’s off-topic tangents and condescending attacks should be controlled by the chairperson, Mr. Pugel, who should be facilitating. Order and civility are mandatory during public meetings. The PSWID guidelines for meetings appear to be made up as they go since they don’t follow Robert’s Rules.

PSWID board members need to be respectful and listen to each other for the benefit of the community. The water company belongs to the community.

Sue Green


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