Pine Water Rate Increase Article Appreciated



Thank you for the article addressing the water rate increase approved by the PSWID board despite the overwhelming objection of the Pine/Strawberry community. It is especially noteworthy that PSWID water rates are almost double those of Payson.

The public has been asked what should be eliminated from the PSWID budget. Possibly nothing could be eliminated now, however, it is quite likely that this steep increase would not be necessary had PSWID been more careful handling PSWID funds.

For example, PSWID had the Strawberry Hollow Well appraised. However, when that appraisal came in at almost half the asking price, PSWID said the appraisal was too low. They had the well re-appraised and then paid the seller full asking price.

PSWID also paid full asking price for the Milk Ranch Well after spending thousands of PSWID dollars on the well prior to the purchase of the well. This well, according to pre-purchase talk would produce over 100 gallons a minute, now “by design” produces only 45 gallons a minute.

Fully aware of the sand problems in the Milk Ranch Well and Strawberry Hollow Well, PSWID drilled two more wells in the same approximate area. Should they have known those two wells would also have a sand problem? Should they have looked for more suitable sites? Better yet, should they have waited for a master plan before drilling these wells?

There are many questions such as: Why didn’t PSWID immediately install a filter on the Milk Ranch Well? Could the costly water outage of last summer have been prevented by the installation of a proper filter?

Yes, hindsight is always better than foresight, however, one should learn from past experience. I hope PSWID will start listening to the public and start answering questions. If board members don’t want to listen, I suggest they resign.

Bernice E. Winandy


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