Creek Has A Different Type Of Social Media

Christopher Creek

Christopher Creek


Christopher Creek has its own form of social media. It is not Twitter or Instagram, not even a Facebook group account. High-speed is not an issue. In fact, you need not even be connected to the Internet. No, sir, the media we’re talking about is a little more hardware oriented. Oh, yeah, some do still have to charge the batteries on their “devices.” What we’re talking about here is the leg-over, side-by-side or bench, solo, two-, four- or even six-passenger, two-wheel, four-wheel or six-wheel conveyance. You can call them a quad, scooter, motorbike, golf cart and somebody let me know what you call those big, tall two- and four-passenger outfits that look more like a military assault vehicle.

You see them cruising early morning down to Tall Pines Market to get a paper. They cruise throughout the day, folks stoppin’ to chat, then other folks stoppin’ to see what the others are chattin’ about and then maybe a third outfit pulls in. Pretty soon somebody hollers, “Car!” and the would-be traffic jam breaks up and everybody is again on their way. Volume seems to pick up later in the afternoon and we’ve heard of some impromptu cocktail parties that evolved from a drive through the Creek.

By the way, what brought this all to mind is the new ride Karen Thornton got last Friday. Nothing brand new or fancy, but a handsome outfit it is and a great buy. She is now in the local social media mainstream.

There’s a sniff of football in the air. Camp Tontozona is right around the corner, as the Sun Devils, under second-year head coach Todd Graham return to Rim Country and to a tradition. Tim Ehrhardt assures me the Saturday scrimmage is on tap to remain at Tontozona, even though ASU and ADOT still have some parking issues to iron out. Tim does a good job keeping track of these things.

While visiting Lynn and Sue Hess down at Kohl’s last weekend, we wrangled an invitation to park. Lynn even promised shuttle service to the front gate! And, they have a newly revamped second level deck, appropriately named the “Devil’s Playground” and Sue assured me she’d be cookin’ up something for after the scrimmage.

Overheard this week was a comment about Ron and Rhonda Louch’s new building, currently under construction, describing it as the “Garage Mahal”!

Speaking of Ron, he, Dennis, Dean and one or two others were hard at it, welding up all the compartment protection on the demolition car. My understanding is the local kids are to do the paint job, applying a “coat of many colors.”

Former Creekers Doug and Michelle Knudson were here Friday evening for a very brief visit. They spent most of their time waiting for Larry and we hope they return soon when they can stay longer.

Some folks left a note last week, which reads as follows ... “Terry and Lynne Dyer of Christopher Creek enjoy rock hounding in the area. They frequently collect zebra agate, fossils and quartz crystals. Friday, July 26th, they were collecting near Diamond Point. After several hours, they decided they were lost in the woods and didn’t know which direction to go to get back to their Jeep. They tried to use their “smartphone” maps app but they were not smart enough with it. They finally called 911 and told Tina their problem. Bill of Tonto Rim Search and Rescue and Terry Hudgens of GCSO got them back to their Jeep. Many thanks for their help! The moral of this story is to always have a GPS with you when you walk in the forest and know how to use it.” There it is.

Back in the day ... cowboys and town folk, alike, often referred to ranches as a plural of that particular ranch’s brand. Bowman’s place around the corner on Colcord Road, was the “Thirteens” and his brand was “13.” The Qs belonged to the Ellisons, over east of Pleasant Valley. The OWs was Jim Ramer’s ranch over on Canyon Creek. He brought that brand with him from Texas. Louis Naegelin ran the Diamond-Ks, just east of Haigler Creek, under the Naegelin Rim. You have the idea. Now, the R Bar Cs were located on three separate tracts of land. Camp Sunrise you know as the R - C Scout Camp, located a mile west of the Creek. Camp Wipila Wiki Scout Camp was another of the R - Cs, which sold in the 1980s to become the Hunter Creek subdivision. You can’t mention Wipila Wiki without remembering one of our favorite characters over the years ... Mr. Anderson, sir. Did you know he once played semi-pro hockey, billed as the One-Armed Bandit? There’s more about Don Anderson and we’ll save that for another time ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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