Enjoying The Fruits Of Their Labor

Live music was provided by Ken Crump.

Photo by Michele Nelson. |

Live music was provided by Ken Crump.



The Community Garden Pot Luck on Saturday featured dishes made from the garden’s bounty.

Surrounded by the greenery of the plants and white, puffy, monsoon clouds against a bright blue sky, more than 60 gardeners enjoyed the bounty of their plots at the Community Garden Pot Luck.

Serenaded by writer/scientist/musician Ken Crump on guitar strumming tunes from John Denver to Jimmy Buffet, guests, gardeners and cooks enjoyed delectable dishes such as lime couscous with cucumbers and mango, stuffed squash, zucchini salsa, cucumber salad and eggplant lasagna.

Gardeners made sweet as well as savory dishes, including squash pie and blueberry squash bread.

However, the centerpiece dessert came from Kendra’s Country Bakery. She made a chocolate cake covered in a miniature replication of the garden with a pumpkin patch, strawberries, radishes, lettuce, corn stalks, squash, eggplants and carrots.

This week’s donation to the food bank graced the center of the tables as decorations in a basket, while guests talked about what they made for the pot luck and how they wrestle with the harvests they already have.

Cucumbers were the hot topic.


A garden-themed cake by Kendra’s Country Bakery.

“Sweet pickles take fourteen days,” said Linda McCombs, “Dills don’t take so long, they just need alum.”

“Our house has smelled like one big pickle for the last two weeks,” said Glen.

Linda said Glen comes from a long line of farmers from Arkansas. Glen said the soil there is certainly different from the soil here in Arizona, but they both went on about the wonderful harvest they have from the Community Garden.

Last week, donations to the food bank topped 1,000 pounds.

The potluck allowed gardeners to stop and appreciate their hard work and give thanks for the bounty.

“It’s like the university of gardening,” said David Ranck.


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