A Few Suggestions For Action To Keep Taxes Down



What would cause the EPA to change? Numerous things like the oil boom, has helped to shrink the federal deficit by 22 percent. This means we don’t need all the ethanol and the EPA is revisiting the ethanol mandate as a fuel.

Electric cars appear to be going bust; GM has not reached their expectations on the amount of cars sold. They even lowered their prices by $5,000. Solar power is going down the tubes, it’s too costly and the tax credits have all but faded away.

The Department of Energy loan guarantees to more than 20 bankrupt renewable energy companies have cost the taxpayers billions. The Department of Interior’s offshore wind program will deliver electricity to homeowners at three times the price of conventional power. Windmills need wind to generate, which they do not always get and the expense is very costly.

The good news is that manmade emissions have very little effect on Earth’s climate. Water vapor, not carbon dioxide is the Earth’s dominate greenhouse gas. Emissions from human industry cause only about 1 percent of the Earth’s greenhouse effect and contrary to predictions by all the world’s top models global temperatures have failed to rise over the past five years. Someone needs to inform the president.

Even the EPA has issued a fact sheet saying that using ethanol and increasing it will result in a major increase in the release of two of the worst air pollutants, (1) volatile organic compounds and (2) nitrogen oxides (smog).

Think of the billions that the administration has subsidized for green energy like the above that failed or have produced a substandard costly product. Food prices would come down, and Obama would have more funds to produce some worthwhile programs that work and save.

The Keystone pipeline could allow us to replace 45 percent of Persian Gulf oil imports and provide thousands of those high paying jobs that he is looking for, along with all the millions of new jobs that would follow the Keystone project nationwide. Again someone should tell the president; with all the above he would not need to raise taxes.

Ed Welge


Ted Paulk 3 years, 5 months ago

"Water vapor is the dominate greenhouse gas!!??? Please Mr. Retired Oil Company man!!!


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