Lack Of Maintenance Source Of Mesa Del Water Problems



How did the water problems really start? From not servicing or maintaining the system for the 10 years I’ve been living in Mesa del Caballo, and according to neighbors that have lived out here longer, they have never known about any pulling the pumps and flushing the wells or just servicing the pumps. Funny that when Pine/Strawberry did this exact maintenance they got more water than the old system could handle so then they had to start replacing pipes, etc., as they were needed. This is why the water problems even started ... the former owner, and the current one, are trying to “divert” the attention away from how and who got us here in the first place.

The other day I was talking to an employee who was checking meters and turning off customers for payment issues, and when I mentioned the above service/maintenance work solving Pine/ Strawberry water problems ... his comment was “did I know how much that would cost? And his company would not pay out the money to have this work done.”

Enough said here ... maybe some real investigative work needs to be done before the owner gets away with our money, that they need to pay back and then be forced to pay the funds necessary to fix the real problems. Maybe even some jail time is in order and a warning to others not to mess with honesty and do not try and cheat or steal from “we the people.”

Michael Winchell


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