Opening Of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Heart-Touching



Accessorized by canes, walkers and floral scarves covering bald heads, more than 100 patients attended Uncle Herbs grand opening Saturday in Payson. There was a busy, steady pace all day. Almost all of the patients were plus or minus 10 years of the “baby boomer” generation; hence, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger and The Beatles were on the Pandora playlist for the day.

Patient after patient was in need of relief not of the recreational variety. We witnessed mixed emotions — some felt shamed to be there needing help so desperately since the word “pot” and “bad” has been synonymous in our culture while others rejoiced loudly, saying “it’s about time” and “hallelujah!”

Reassuringly, and out of great respect for their courage to take responsibility for their own health and choice of medication, we quietly applauded every soul that walked through the door.

What inspired us most was the amazing sense of humble appreciation we felt from each patient. Many of us held back tears as we listened to their journeys from prescription meds to cannabis as alternative medicine. Many stories came from spouses or friends who said there was simply nowhere safe to go.

We sold out of our ice cream and one patient even came back again just before closing for more.

In the days to come, we are expanding our days of operation from Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as our line of medibles, based on patient requests.

Way to go Payson! Huge milestone.

Tiffany Young and the Uncle Herbs staff


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