Resigning From Gcc Board Due To Lack Of Facts In Decision-Making


My education and employment background has enabled me to acquire the necessary skills and understanding necessary to achieve progressive goals that require an organized financial philosophy based in facts. It is with these skills and philosophy that I entered the world of the community college governing board. I have tried for several years to bring a certain logical dimension based upon facts and studies to our GCC board meetings. I have come to the realization that the majority of the board does not accept this philosophy.

My goal was to help provide the best possible post-secondary education for Gila County students and to place the institution on a sound financial basis.

As you know, I have been struggling with the

board in an effort to base all our decisions on solid fact, especially when it concerns finances. When research and facts were presented and completely ignored in decisions that affected the future viability of the college it was very disheartening.

Our July board meeting was a perfect example of how non-factual based our decisions have become. The Globe members called a special meeting to push through a 25 percent reduction in tuition rates. When I asked what facts they used to support their position their answer was “we’ll try it and see.”

It should be noted that with this reduction and increases in instructor salaries and administrative cost in making these changes the hit on the already passed budget could approach $400,000.

With this “new” tuition schedule the high school graduating seniors are subsidizing the senior citizens (who has more discretionary income?) and the full-time students are subsidizing the part-time students.

I, and others, see no way the college can remain viable if this type of irresponsible decision-making continues. Already the staff is thinking that furloughs will have to be established again. Positions were cut out of the budget, which began this July 1 and more will have to follow if my projections are accurate.

With this type of action based on no facts, I currently see no bright future for the community college.

To be a valuable board member I believe you must have a positive vision of the future.

I do not want to be associated with a group that may bring the college down. I believe I have given my best to provide an avenue for a bright future for this community college, both academically and financially, and my efforts have always been thwarted by the Globe members at every turn. At this time I believe my limited talents may be of use by another organization that would be more deliberative in their decisions.

I no longer have the necessary vision and am therefore resigning from my position on the Gila Community College Governing Board effective July 24, 2013.

I apologize to the voters in Payson.


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