Respectful Ropers Compete In Muddy Arena

Despite monsoon weather, numerous teams of ropers showed up for the Ted Meredith and Marsha Marcanti Memorial Ropings held in Young as part of the Pleasant Valley Days events.

Despite monsoon weather, numerous teams of ropers showed up for the Ted Meredith and Marsha Marcanti Memorial Ropings held in Young as part of the Pleasant Valley Days events.


The cowpunchers arrived under cloudy, rainy skies to showcase their heading and heeling skills against the state’s finest team ropers and also to pay respect to the legend the competition is named for.

It was the Ninth Annual Ted Meredith Memorial Roping held July 19 to 21 in Young as part of the Pleasant Valley Days.

The roping and the Pleasant Valley festivities are the largest and most festive celebration held each year in Young.

Meredith, a longtime Gila County rancher, home builder and former high school wrestling champion died in 2005.

He is also remembered around Arizona as an expert craftsman with a knack for fashioning custom spurs that today are the envy of most all cowboys and cowgirls.

In addition to the roping paying homage to Meredith, it also honors Marsha Marcanti.

In 2008, the all-girls events at the roping underwent a name change and is now called the Marsha Marcanti Memorial Roping. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Marcanti, a former Globe resident who succumbed to cancer six years ago at 48 years of age, was a longtime fixture on the Gila County rodeo and roping circuit.

In addition to being an accomplished cowgirl, she was also a musician with three CD releases.

But for all the respect shown for Meredith and Marcanti, the battle for pride, bragging rights and hundreds of dollars in prize money also continues to attract throngs of cowboys and cowgirls to Young.

The presence of the state’s most accomplished headers and heelers makes the event one of the most competitive and exciting team ropings in Arizona.

Following more than two days of fierce competition in Young, Layne Bottonfield roped his way to high money header honors and Michael Calmelat took high money heeler laurels.

In addition to pocketing the prize money, both received

.44 caliber lever action rifles valued at $1,000.

In the 6-years-and-under division, Ty Romo roped his way to the top spot and in the 5-years-and-under group, Jake Hunt was first. Both received saddles for their wins.


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Brandon Ben took the junior boys title and was awarded a buckle.

In the open roping held July 21, 51 teams competed for a chance to win a set of custom spurs once crafted by Meredith. Chance Lewis and Jake Hunt (pictured above) eventually claimed the spurs winning the average with a time of 18.65. Ben Rawley and Ty Romo were second at 19.94.

More results

No. 9 Over/Under Warm Up Roping (7/19/13) – 90 teams


1st, Layne Bottonfield and Rodrigo Garrabo, 24.63

2nd, Michael Calmelat and Steven Gaona, 27.04

3rd, Rudy Clark and Steven Gaona, 28.99

4th, Bud Swagel and TJ Brown, 30.35

No. 14 Roping Results (7/20/13) – 90 teams


1st, Heber Robbs and Cole Ivey, 6.29


1st, Rudy Clark and Cole Ivey, 19.84

2nd, Wyatt Althoff and CJ Clendon, 20.31

3rd, Trevor Haught and Ty Romo, 20.32

4th, Dusty Penrod and Michael Calmelat, 20.50

No. 12 Roping Results (7/20/13) – 150 teams


1st, Jake Hunt and Michael Calmelat, 6.82


1st, Jake Hunt and Michael Calmelat, 26.71

2nd, Adrian Escalante Sr. and Michael Calmelat, 27.72

3rd, Joe Haught and Michael Calmelat, 27.92

4th, Kelsey Early and Michael Calmelat, 27.94

5th, Nick Penrod and Kevin England, 29.57

6th, Heber Robbs and Rene Arbizo, 29.66

No. 10 Roping Results (7/20/13) – 204 teams


1st, Coby Cook and Justin Aranda, 6.30

2nd, Coby Cook and John Gaona, 7.38


1st, Jap Arbizo and John Gaona, 26.20

2nd, Mike Foster and Dillon Foster, 27.74

3rd, Brandon Ben and CJ Clendon, 29.16

4th, Jap Arbizo and Adrian Escalante, 31.83

5th, Heber Robbs and Shancee Howell, 32.20

6th, Nick Penrod and Pete Penrod, 34.27

7th, Jimbo Armstrong and Kyle Kindelay, 34.77

8th, Boyd Hicks and Bud Swagel, 34.80

No. 8 Roping Results (7/20/13) – 141 teams


1st, Bruce Cooper and Kyle Kindelay, 8.27

2nd, Brandon Ben and Tanner Lupe, 8.57


1st, Layne Bottonfield and Wyatt Phillips, 25.32

2nd, Scott Nielson and Erickson Littleben, 28.39

3rd, Kristen Clark and Heber Robbs, 34.43

4th, Ed Wisdom and Kyle Kindelay, 34.61

5th, Brian Meredith and Nathan Bottonfield, 37.58

6th, Tanner Neilson and Bud Swagel, 38.83

No. 9 Over/Under Roping Results (7/21/13) – 155 teams


1st, Brandon Ben and Ty Romo, 26.78

2nd, Rawley Ben and Michael Calmelat, 28.12

3rd, Jake Hunt and Pete Penrod, 29.53

4th, Kelsey Early and Destiny Andrade, 29.64

5th, Layne Bottonfield and Dean Lilly, 31.41

6th, Dean Lilly and Ty White, 31.50

7th, Nick Penrod and Kevin England, 32.46

No. 11 Over/Under Roping Results (7/21/13) – 102 teams


1st, Layne Bottonfield and Ty Romo, 25.22

2nd, Armando Flores and Manuel Jabalera, 25.64

3rd, Tanner Lupe and Ty Romo, 26.81

4th, Nick Penrod and CJ Clendon, 28.49

5th, TJ Brown and Michael Calmelat, 30.51

Marsha Marcanti All Girl Results (7/21/13)

Fast Time, Angelina Calmelat and Destiny Andrade, 8.30


1st, Kelsey Early, 330.32, Saddle

2nd, Monica Montalvo, 367.28, Buckle

3rd, Angelina Calmelat, 369.58, Breastcollar


1st, Rachael Mendoza, 636.13, Saddle

2nd, Shancee Howell, 656.70, Buckle

3rd, Taylor Kobza, 729.99, Breastcollar


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