Gosar Is A Political Hack



Thorough investigation by a Republican dominated House of Representatives has cleared the NSA of any wrongdoing in the use of intelligence gathering by monitoring telephone statistical information. The policy of analyzing patterns of communication has existed over a long period of time including the Bush administration, and has, reportedly, been responsible for thwarting a sizable number of security threats. No case has ever been made that public privacy is being breached, much less that it goes on without warrants or court approval. Neither of Arizona’s U.S. Senators have made this claim. The majority of members of Congress, including most high-ranking Republican leaders have applauded the program and given it a clean bill. Yet, Congressman Paul Gosar claims that the government is “spying on hundreds of millions of Americans from innocent grandmothers to high school students.” He raises the highly charged specter of “big brother” watching every move without authority and claims that the U.S. government is engaged in a “direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.” He rightly assumes that many people will see his accusations as a complete mischaracterization of the facts. He constantly does this. It feeds his constituency with the stimulating arousal which keeps them at the mercy of political hacks like him. It isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that he and others like him use their constitutional freedoms to protest that the government has taken away their constitutional freedoms. The irony escapes them.

Noble Collins


Ted Paulk 3 years, 5 months ago

Bless you Noble man....The sht storm will follow in a few minutes by the same old whining crew about how their rights are being trampled; although they have yet to name even ONE. Hopefully clearer heads will fix this Tea Bagger fiasco that hates the poor and disenfranchised and minorities in 2014. Now gasbags; start your engines!!!!.....


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 4 months ago

Does this sound like Gosar's platform? This climate change is normal. Pollution is of no consequence and is good for you, it builds your immune system, until you get cancer, then, so what. The people on earth have been here for a few thousand years and teaching evolution is the "democrats" way of brain washing people into believing in science. Science is a farce and is not real, it is a tool used by the devil. Contraception is evil because it allows the estrogen producers to have individual sovereignty, the Bible implies that is a sin. Immigration is good as long as the people are illegal, that way, they are easier to exploit and have no rights. Corporations are people, and people are toys. Only certain healthy people should have "affordable" health care, otherwise the multi-national corporate CEO profit margin is adversely effected. If you get sick and have no health care, you should loose your house and belongings paying for the debt created by getting sick. It is a good idea to poison the food, farms and water, thus insuring a good corporate return on investment. Coal, nuclear and oil are good. Solar, wind and other alternative energy is bad. Clean water and air is not necessary, but CEO corporate return at any costs is good.

Average citizens are similar to a fruit or vegetable, to be harvested whenever the World Bank, IMF or FED RES feels like it. Savings accounts are bad. Real money backed by actual assets are bad. Imaginary money that can be printed at will is good. WAR is the best thing ever, peace is bad. People need taxation without representation. Pork barrel spending for the shadow economy and MIC is really a good thing. Poor, old, disabled, and off-white people are really bad and interfere with all the taxes going to the WAR machine. Prisons/jails are good, and produce wealth and free labor. Arresting as many as possible to get them is the “system” is a good revenue generating tool, while ensuring any “extra money” goes to the CJ system. Giving out pills is good, natural plants are bad. Giving out most farm bill subsidies to toxic farm/meat factories is good. That way we have dead zones for the ocean. Creatures that live in the sea might swallow or bite you, and the Bible says eating most fish is sinful, so just destroy them. Oil and pollution are supported by the Bible, nothing else is sacred. Trees are bad and should be destroyed on sight to clear the path for cow grazing. Cows are good and their rights trump that of a human. Don’t you dare photo a cow or a pig, photos of food are illegal. It is ok to photograph Paris Hilton’s junk and post it on every magazine. Tampons are bad, guns are good. Tampons can be used as a “projectile.”


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