Little Hope For Country’S Leadership



After five years of hoping, it appears to be time for a “gut check” on the Obama presidency.

Based on his total void of any credentials, I did not expect much from him, but I held great hope that he would surround himself with qualified leaders who, with some real life briefings, would put the country above ideology, and, being partially black, I had hoped he truly would be a “post racial” president and set an example for other black politicians.

However, what we received is an administration filled with people who are only about promoting an extremely radical ideology, an ideology you would normally find in la-la land discussions on college campuses, and President Obama himself has turned out to be a “most racial” not the “post racial” president he promised.

His foreign policy is schizophrenic and a disaster, his domestic policy is putting even more disadvantaged into poverty prisons and has ignored the plight of working Americans and his economic policy is a total failure with the only bright light being a false, money printing supported stock market.

America was built on Judeo-Christian principles and, while he sold himself as a Christian, he has declared war on Christianity while actively supporting Islam.

He promised transparency and maybe he has succeeded here, because with NSA and the IRS have we ever felt more transparent?

He promised to put America on the road to financial stability, yet spends millions on free phones and attracting more citizens to apply for food stamps simply to buy votes with public funds and, after five years of failure, still says the answer to the economic woes is yet more wasteful spending.

When he was sworn in, he put his hand on a Bible and promised to uphold the Constitution, but his administration has shredded both it and the rule of law.

He promised openness and honesty yet, when four brave Americans are killed by terrorists while in service to the country, he chooses politics over the good of the country and then labels the effort to find the facts phony. While most politicians have trouble with the concept of honesty, he and his administration have taken it to new heights.

He promised to bring the country together, yet when potentially racially explosive events happen, he joins the race baiters and adds fuel to the fire.

He won on the backs of the working man, but has joined the union leaders in their misuse of power at the expense of the working man.

His two signature issues have been less than stellar ... the “stimulus” was filled with fraud and has been totally ineffective while adding greatly to the deficit and “Obamacare” has been assessed as a train wreck by its sponsor whose prediction is becoming more true on a daily basis.

Detroit has declared bankruptcy after years of corrupt politicians and failed progressive policies and while it is big news, I fear it is just the precursor of many cities to come; yet the president is continuing to campaign across the country promoting the same destructive policies for the country. Detroit overspends by over 30 percent per year, but Washington overspends by over 40 percent per year. The sequester, which was a small drop in an ocean, was met with horror stories, yet lavish vacations, conventions and “good ol’ boy spending” continue.

While it is folly to expect greatness out of politicians, one would hope you could at least expect a positive effort toward good, but if those criteria are applied here in an honest evaluation, the president would not fare well. However, in fairness, by the same standard the Republican leadership would not fare well either.

We appear to have a very broken government and a void of leaders to fix it, which will, I suspect, become very apparent in the next couple of months as Washington puts on the annual budget deadline circus that will end with a continuing resolution and not a budget, and, the debt ceiling rain dance that will end in even more wasteful spending. Anyone care for a game of kick the can?

Sadly, it appears that if we were to assess the total leadership in Washington they would not get a passing grade ... we appear to have an administration that is about personal gain and locking in a permanent progressive agenda and an opposition that are, at best, deer in the headlights and at worst are fellow travelers.

Bob Edwards

Former Payson Mayor


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 5 months ago

Anyone, who had any hope that Obama would do well as a president needs to have their head checked. Just like every president we've had for a long time now, what they would do was seen far in advance. There were no secrets about the way they would act and especially so with Pres. Obama.

We keep electing the wrong people from both parties. And they never fix anything, they just give the appearance that they know what to fix or will fix it. They also tend to like to fix things that aren't broken, thereby breaking them - our country itself being the prime example.

It was our own moral failure and not any accident of chance, that while preserving the appearance of the Republic we lost its reality. --Cicero



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