The paper undoubtedly would never print my two-word response to Dale Oestmann, so I will just say — hogwash!

Dale Oestmann appears to take credit for the circumstances of his birth and the luck he seems to have had in his life. He is totally unaware of the real world around him and the needs of others.

His mind-set can only contribute to the misery and suffering of those he demeans and is a danger to us all.

Ed Freeman


Donald Cline 3 years, 4 months ago

If "Hogwash!" is the best you can do to refute Dale Oestmann's reasoned comments, I'm afraid he wins by default. I see nothing in your comments that would support your claim that Oestmann is where he is today because of "luck," or that he is unaware of the world around him. And your last sentence is patently false: If it were not for people like Dale Oestmann -- and the CEOs of fast-food franchises and other small businesses -- unskilled laborers wouldn't have any jobs at all.

Here's a newsflash: Jobs in fast-food restaurants are intended for two kinds of people: College kids paying their way through college so they can go out and get a real job with a skill-set that is of value to others, and people who want to advance into management (and are willing to get a business degree while working). Today there is a third kind of fast-food employee: Retired folks who are working part-time to supplement their income.

If you want a job paying $15 an hour, go get an education so your skill-set will be worth $15 and hour.


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